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The Argan Oil Younger Skin Solution

Last Updated: July 10th, 2020

It seems that there is not a man, woman, or child who doesn't pamper their skin to some extent. And why not? After all, you have to live in it! So why shouldn't it be as soft and healthy as possible? But with all the toil of daily life, our skin is constantly working overtime to repair itself. From walking in the sun to washing dishes, our skin is constantly being damaged. So now the question is: what can we do to take care of our skin? Lathering lotions all day can get tedious, and no one can protect their skin from all the damaging things it comes into contact with on a daily basis. With so many new miracle products coming out on the market all the time, navigating through them all to find the one that works best can be a real jungle.

From the mountainous deserts of Morocco in North Africa, an age old beauty treatment has been coming to light. This is truly an all-natural supplement which is made from the argan tree. This tree is indigenous to only this area of Africa, and has been successfully used for centuries for its cosmetic and health benefits, as well as a common cooking ingredient.

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

Making the Argan Oil Younger Skin Miracle Treatment

Argan oil (also referred to as "Moroccan oil" or "liquid gold") is extracted by hand from the nuts of the argan tree, known to the inhabitants as the "tree of life". Argan nuts are used for a number of different things today, especially for youthful skin and the healing of facial scars.

Originally, the sheep and goats would graze on the fruits and leaves from this tree. Although the argan fruit isn't exactly palatable for humans, farmers noted that the nutrients from this plant helped the growth and development of their herds. The natives would gather up the remnants and harvest the kernels from the consumed fruit. They would then be processed by hand and eventually turned into the 100% pure, organic argan oil younger skin benefits of today.

Nowadays there are workshops where Moroccan women gather the nuts from the argan tree, they crack them open and remove the seed kernels from their outer shell. After mixing them into a paste they squeeze out all the oils by hand and bottle it for multiple uses.

Nutrients in Argan Oil

Because argan oil is packed full of vitamin E, phenolic acid, carotene, and anti-oxidants, it is ideal to use on skin as it removes dead cells and strengthens new tissue to make them healthier and softer than they would otherwise be. Other properties of argan oil aid in the anti-ageing of skin, keeping it looking younger and even smoothing away wrinkles. Ferulic acids, essential fatty acids, carotenoids, sterols, and saponins all work together in this organic compound to naturally protect skin from growing old and wrinkling prematurely. These components repair and protect skin from dangerous things like harsh UV rays and hard labor that calluses and dries skin cells.

Argan oil has also been used to treat acne, chickenpox, and pimples. It has proven to be effective in removing acne scars and other blemishes such as stretch marks or birthing scars. It has also been used successfully to aid with eczema which causes skin to be itchy, inflamed and sometimes very dry to the touch. But the moisturizing agents in argan oil improve skin's overall moisture and pack the skin cells with rich amounts of vitamins that will effectively rejuvenate and heal even the most damaged skin. Its unique properties help to improve the skin's natural ability to heal itself.

Argan Oil for Younger Skin: the Superior Treatment

Because this oil restores skin to its natural health and beauty without any added chemicals or alterations to the original kernels of the argan nut, it would be safe to claim argan oil to be an all-natural scientific breakthrough were it not for the fact that women across Morocco have used it without negative symptoms over the centuries. Obviously, this oil is a miracle worker - otherwise it would not be so widely used in Africa.

Argan oil can be found in some lotions, though many people seek it out in its pure form. As such, the oil is easily absorbed and can be used directly on skin. Just think of how soft and perfect a baby's skin is - you could just cuddle and caress it all day! Now imagine having that same soft, beautiful skin on your already grown body. Sounds too good to be true, right? Because after all, your skin has seen more years of toil and damage than that of a newborn. With argan oil, your younger skin is only a bottle away. Learn more.