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Argan Oil in Washington D.C.

Last Updated: July 10th, 2020

Our nation's capital, Washington D.C. is home to the political center of our government, as well as many historical sites. High profile politicians and their wives spend their days and nights here, rubbing elbows with politically involved celebrities, and surrounded by visitors from all over the world who come to witness the government in action and see the monuments. Being in the spotlight, the women of D.C. need to make sure they look their best from the floor of the senate to the many social soirees around town. This is why the use of Argan Oil in Washington D.C. has become so popular. Brought to the attention of stylists around Capitol Hill through various routes, including celebrity clients, hair conventions, and stylists from around the country, the emergence of Argan Oil in Washington D.C. led to an infusion of beauty into our countries political arena. Where this famous town has always been known for its importance in the political sphere, Argan Oil in Washington D.C. has put the capitol city on the map for beauty and fashion as well!

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

Stylists in the capitol city must cater to celebrities and politicians, as well as politicians wives. One of the most recognized wives on the hill is our first lady, Michelle Obama, who is constantly in the limelight. Her impact on the government is shown through her involvement in education and health movements, and she's constantly gracing the covers of magazines and featured in news headlines. Also known as a style goddess, her perfect hair and fashion sense set the bar even higher for all the women of the area, and in order to keep up with the demand for beauty in the board room, they turn to their stylists for help. Bleaching, dyeing, and heat styling are all required to accomplish the polished looks of a D.C. woman, but lead to damaged hair that looks dull and frizzy. Some women take it a step further, and spend time in tanning booths to achieve glowing skin, leading to hair being exposed to damaging UV rays. That's where the use of Argan Oil in Washington D.C. comes in. Celebrities brought the news of a great new hair product with them when they arrived on the hill to participate in our governments proceedings, and products containing Argan Oil in Washington D.C. became a salon staple. Stylists began to recommend the use of Argan Oil in Washington D.C. to their political clients when the frizzy-haired ladies of the capitol needed hair repair. The moisture infused by the products paired with protection from future damage, and proved that the women of our government could be powerful and beautiful at the same time.

Argan Oil for Socialites

Hitting the social scene in D.C., the women found themselves standing out even more among the celebrity crowds at charity events and political campaign rallies. Even the Hollywood magazines began to report that the use of Argan Oil in Washington D.C. was quickly making it one of the top style cities in the country. We see quite a few examples of high-fashion ladies in the capitol, and even television has begun to take notice, with hit shows about housewives in the area. Their glowing hair is clear evidence that Argan Oil in Washington D.C. has created a culture of healthy and beautiful style. Online bloggers and beauty critics supported these results by reporting that Argan Oil in Washington D.C. was making a huge impact on the public's opinions of lawmakers and their wives, making them style icons and not just political figures.

Argan Oil for Tourists

Tourists from around the world flock to the political hub of the United States to see the monuments and historical sites, witness our government in action, and spend time rubbing elbows with the elite. When they visit the local stylists, they get the same treatment as the locals, who have latched on to Argan Oil in Washington D.C. and made the products more than just a passing trend. Taking their vacation photos at the Lincoln Memorial, White House, and more, visitors look gorgeous and take home great memories and great hair. They brought back the news to their stylists at home that when they used Argan Oil in Washington D.C., it made their hair look and feel its best. This led to the use of Argan Oil around the country. Like the process of selecting heads of state to run our country, our votes matter in the salon when choosing the products that will last through the years and keep our hair looking its best. The ballots have been cast, and Argan Oil in Washington D.C. is looking to be the leading candidate for healthy hair for years to come!