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Visible Science Argan Oil

Last Updated: August 06th, 2020

Nearly every company who produces beauty products these days offers some sort of argan oil formula. For the most part, the majority of these products only claim to improve the condition of your hair. And many of them probably do deliver on that claim. But what else can they do for your overall beauty routine? Can they moisturize your skin and reduce fine lines? Can they help improve the look of your hands and nails?

Sadly, many of the argan oil products on the market today are only good for your hair (if they contain the right ingredients). However, there are formulas out there which can provide users with multiple beauty benefits within the same bottle. Some of these benefits include wrinkle reduction, skin hydration, and a noticeable improvement in the health of your nails. One of the more effective formulas available today is Visible Science Argan Oil.

Visible Science Argan Oil - Hair Restoration & Conditioning

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

Naturally, argan oil is an excellent natural conditioner for dry, damaged hair. One of the main reasons for this has to do with all of the essential fatty acids which make up organic argan oil. Visible Science Argan Oil contains100% organic oil, which means you're getting the highest and purest concentration of these fatty acids possible. When applied to your hair, these nutrients bond to the hair shaft and reinforce broken, damaged areas. This helps make the hair shaft thicker, fuller, and more resistant to future breakage.

But formulas such as Visible Science Argan Oil take this a step further and incorporate ingredients like Panthenol into the mix. Panthenol is important because of how easily it can bond to the hair shaft. Once bonded, the humectant and emollient properties of this unique vitamin improve the overall strength and resilience of each strand.

Visible Science Argan Oil for Wrinkle Reduction and Skin Enhancement

Yet another element of the Visible Science Argan Oil formula that you won't find in similar products is Resveratrol. As a natural extract of red wine grapes, Resveratrol does more than just protect your hair from UV damage. It provides the same exact benefits for the skin too, while also working hard to heal damaged cells with its antioxidant properties. This results in younger looking skin that is more resistant to sun damage.

And while the fatty acids in argan oil provide moisture and conditioning for your locks, Linseed oil serves a similar purpose for your hair, nails, and especially your skin. Linseed oil contains very high levels of Alpha-Linoleic Acid, which add softness and suppleness to dry, dehydrated, or aged skin.

As good as argan oil alone may be for hydrating your skin and hair, it can only do so much to protect it from environmental irritants, such as excess sun exposure. But do you know what can protect you from those harmful UV rays? Haematococcus Pluvialis Extract, that's what. It's an extract from common algae which protects cells from over-exposure to the sun so that you don't have to worry about age spots or over-drying.

Improve Your Manicure with Visible Science Argan Oil

Lately, argan oil has become very popular in beauty salons who specialize in mani-pedis. This oil is so effective at penetrating dry skin, softening cuticles, and fortifying nail strength that many aestheticians are offering it as a part of their most exclusive nail treatments. What they aren't offering, however, is the opportunity to pair it with nourishing Carrot seed oil, which is excellent for soothing the dry, chapped skin commonly found on the hands and feet.

What Sets Visible Science Argan Oil Apart

One of the main reasons that Visible Science Argan Oil stands out from the crowd is the fact that it contains pure, 100% organic Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, the technical name for authentic argan oil. Many companies, especially those who sell their argan oil formulas for deceptively cheap prices, aren't offering up an authentic product. They may source their oil through irresponsible or illegal farming practices. They may put a tiny bit of real oil into the mix, and fill the rest of the bottle with synthetic ingredients. Or the entire formula may be synthesized to resemble real argan oil, even though it isn't. With Visible Science Argan Oil, however, you know you're getting the real deal. And the addition of ingredients such as Resveratrol and botanical algae extracts ensure that Visible Science Argan Oil is not just good for your hair - it's a total body beauty remedy for skin and nails, too. Learn more.