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The Miraculous Skin Benefits of Argan Oil

Last Updated: August 06th, 2020

Recently, it has been discovered that argan oil can be used to improve your natural beauty in ways other than conditioning your hair; it can also provide some impressive skin benefits as well. Whether you're looking for a little extra moisture, concerned about acne problems, or looking to get rid of more serious blemishes, the skin benefits of argan oil are not to be underestimated. Below, we delve into the science of why argan oil is so effective when applied topically to the skin. If you're curious to learn more, just keep reading.

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

Moisturizing Skin Benefits

You have undoubtedly already heard about how nourishing argan oil can be for dried, damaged, and stressed out locks. Well, you may be surprised to learn that it can provide equally astonishing - if not better - skin benefits.

This is because argan oil naturally contains a large amount of tocopherols. Vitamin E belongs to this skin-loving group of organic compounds which penetrate deep below the dermis to improve suppleness and moisture levels throughout your skin. If you are worried about premature signs of aging, such as skin sagging, fine lines, crow's feet, or puffiness in the delicate skin just below the eyes, then you can benefit from incorporating argan oil into your beauty routine. When applied daily, the skin benefits from using argan oil to combat these pesky flaws are simply mind-blowing.

Protective Skin Benefits

Argan oil doesn't just enhance and improve the look of your skin; it also acts as a protective barrier from outside elements. Vitamin E by itself is a well-known treatment for sunburns, and it can also help to block out harmful UV rays so that your skin doesn't absorb as much of the sun's radiation as it normally would. Therefore, the skin benefits of argan oil aren't just cosmetic - they are beneficial for your health, too.

But argan oil is more than just a fancy, overpriced version of vitamin E - it also contains a slew of essential fatty acids which are hard to find anywhere else. These fatty acids, in combination with vitamin E, have powerful antioxidant properties. And applying potent antioxidants topically can have numerous skin benefits. These compounds, which are also naturally occurring and organic, will help protect skin cells from free radical damage. They can also flush such toxins out of your system that much more quickly and easily than your body can on its own.

The Skin Benefits of Blemish Reduction

Nobody wants blemishes - everyone out there shopping around in the beauty product market is on their own personal quest for perfect, flawless skin. And any product that promises the skin benefits of reducing acne, scars, and other imperfections is guaranteed to be popular amongst consumers.

Well, one little known benefit of argan oil is its ability to reduce acne. Yes, we know; it sounds counter-productive to try to eliminate acne by applying an oil directly to your face, but science says that doing so can provide some significant skin benefits. You see, one major cause of acne outbreaks is an imbalance of the natural sebum levels that the skin produces on its own. In an effort to get rid of unwanted acne, lots of people make the mistake of either washing too frequently, or buying cleansers which over-dry the skin with harsh chemicals. This causes your skin to produce too much sebum, which makes acne worse. But applying argan oil to your skin immediately after cleansing can soothe your face and balance moisture levels so that your skin doesn't overreact by producing too much sebum.

Additionally, regular use of argan oil can have even more dramatic skin benefits if you stick with it over an extended period of time. Skin blemishes which are typically considered "permanent" - including acne scars, stretch marks, or other imperfections caused by some sort of skin degradation - can be lessened over time with the healing properties of argan oil. In addition to its protective skin benefits, the fatty acids and tocopherols can help to rebuild your skin's natural structure. These nutrients penetrate deep to restore the building blocks of the collagen structure within healthy skin. Eventually, your body will replace the broken scar tissue with this rebuilt skin, resulting in a flawless complexion from head to toe.

So there you have it - argan oil isn't just for your hair. Science says so. Whether you want to use it to combat minor skin blemishes or tackle more serious problems, like scars, that's up to you. If you're curious as to which argan oil products work the best to improve the look and feel of your skin, you can start by comparing the top products on the market here.