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Argan Oil in San Diego

Last Updated: July 10th, 2020

Trickling down the West Coast, word of a miracle serum for hair brought about a new trend in Southern California. Celebrity stylists suggested the use of Argan Oil in San Diego after the amazing results they saw on their clients in Los Angeles. Celebrities began to demand Argan Oil because of its ability to infuse hair with moisture and create shine, all while protecting from damage. It was only a matter of time before San Diego stylists spread the news that there was a product that could not only repair the damage caused by harsh salon services and heat styling, but protect every "California girl" from the effects of salt air and bright sunshine on their locks. With that came a wave of exposure for products containing Argan Oil in San Diego.

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

Argan Oil: San Diego Secret or Stolen from LA?

San Diego and L.A. have a few things in common: the California lifestyle, sun and demand for on-trend hair.But Southern California is also known for its beautiful weather, pristine beaches, tourist attractions, and, of course, the gorgeous men and women who flock there.

We're all familiar with the effects of the beach on our bodies, from sunburned skin to salty, chapped lips, but it is often overlooked that the sun and salt can be especially harsh on our hair! Spending long days laying on the sand and splashing in the wave's leaves hair dry, damaged, and tangled. When the beach days come to an end, California Girls and tourists alike hit the nightclubs, restaurants, and concerts. That means putting their already stressed hair through the torture of heat styling, causing even more damage! It's hard to imagine how anyone could restore their hair to a healthy shine after such abuse, but with the emergence of Argan Oil in San Diego, there was a ray of hope. The use of Argan Oil has brought relief to sun-scorched tresses, infusing moisture into dry hair and providing protection from future damage.

Blonde hair is hugely popular in California, and the brighter the blonde, the better! In order to achieve the sun-kissed color, women spend a lot of time and money highlighting their tresses to golden perfection. Often, in an attempt to achieve the ideal blonde, women damage their hair. Repeated use of bleach leaves hair dry and brittle, leading to frizz and split ends. This damage is exaggerated when the California nightlife leads to blow-drying, curling, straightening, and teasing hair into the latest trendy looks. As stylists began introducing Argan Oil in San Diego, it seemed that the glowing beauties of the beaches seemed even more gorgeous than before.

Organic Argan Oil, San Diego Style

Another popular trend in Southern California is clean, healthy living. Organic, health-conscious choices have grown to be a way of life, with health-food stores and all-natural beauty salons taking over the area. For that reason, there was an immediate attraction to Argan Oil in San Diego. Argan Oil is rare and precious, since it only comes from a small region of Morocco. Real Argan Oil, especially organic Argan Oil is pricey, but well worth the expense for those who are opposed to using artificial chemicals on their hair. With the rise of Argan Oil in San Diego, there was a much healthier option for So-Cal residents to turn to when they needed relief for their tortured tresses. As more and more products containing organic Argan Oil became available, it became obvious that they fit with the whole Southern California lifestyle there, from the fun and sun to the health-conscious desires of the people there.

The Future of Argan Oil in San Diego

Products containing Argan Oil in San Diego quickly became an everyday staple, protecting and repairing hair to keep up with the demands of fun in the sun and the California lifestyle. Locals and tourists alike were encouraged to use Argan Oil serums, styling products, and masks to keep their hair healthy and strong, and they listened. Some who were snowbirds brought the knowledge back with them to their home states when the winter ended. Spreading the news of Argan Oil in San Diego far and wide caused even more demand for the products and stylists from coast to coast began to pay attention to the growing trend. From the beach to the bars, the use of Argan Oil in San Diego made every California beauty feel and look her best, and brought awareness of this amazing new product to the far corners of the United States.