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Organic Argan Oil

Last Updated: May 25th, 2020

The growing popularity of Argan Oil in cosmetics here in the United States and worldwide has led to an explosion of new products featuring this exotic oil and boasting it's many benefits for hair, skin and nails. A multi-use product for all-over use, Argan Oil moisturizes and restores nutrients, provides anti-aging effects and can even be used to heal skin conditions like acne and eczema. Its unique scent is loved by millions of loyal users and its production benefits both the environment and the economy of Morocco. With so many products flooding the market and all of them promising the same results, some for unbelievable low prices, it's important to know how to tell the difference between the real deal and false promises. The top choice is always Organic Argan Oil, the purest available form of the nutty miracle moisturizer and revitalizer.

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

What is Organic Argan Oil?

Organic Argan Oil is a long renowned culinary and cosmetic wonder, originating in a small area of Morocco. It is found inside tiny kernels within the fruit of the Argan Tree, considered endangered and native only to this tiny corner of the world. The native people of Morocco, known as Berbers, have harvested this oil for hundreds of years through a traditional process that involves a tremendous amount of labor. The oil is traditionally collected and refined by Berber women, who until recently collected undigested kernels from the feces of goats who climb the trees, eating the fruit. Organic Argan Oil is ground and pressed out of the small kernels and then allowed to rest so that any remaining solids can be removed. Newer processing techniques have eliminated the need to harvest the kernels from goat feces, but the jobs which produce Organic Argan Oil are still held by the Berber women to this day. The fruits must be manually harvested, dried and cracked open by hand. The pulp of the fruit is removed and used to make animal feed, and then the kernels can be pressed and the oil decanted and refined into its purest form by the women.

Why Choose Organic Argan Oil?

Why should you choose a product containing Organic Argan Oil? The better question is "Why not?" Organic Argan Oil is the purest, most potent form of Argan Oil on the market, and offers your body the most possible benefits with the least risk of adverse effects. Non-organic and synthetic Argan Oil products are not only known to use fillers and preservatives, but can actually contain residue of harmful pesticides and chemicals used to process the Argan Oil in a more cost-effective manner. Organic Argan Oil is processed using specialized methods, and requires no preservatives because its shelf life is greatly extended. It's also harvested without the use of pesticides or dangerous chemicals, which can negatively affect your health, especially if you plan to use your products on a daily basis. Synthetic cosmetic products that claim to use Argan Oil often contain minimal concentrations of the real oil, if any, and use artificial colors and fragrances to disguise low-quality plastic-based products as true Argan Oil. Using these products will leave greasy residue on your skin and hair and show little to no actual results. Organic Argan Oil is extremely rare and difficult to yield, making it rather expensive. If the price of an Argan Oil product seems too good to be true, it probably is. To be sure you're purchasing genuine Organic Argan Oil, do your research about the brand you've selected and purchase only from a reliable source.

Choosing Organic Argan Oil Does a World of Good

When you purchase certified Organic Argan Oil, you are doing more than just selecting the best quality product to use on your body. The Argan Tree, which used to grow over the majority of North Africa, is currently listed as an endangered species. The area of Morocco where the trees still grow is now considered a protected natural reserve and the space devoted to preserving this amazing plant is growing with the demand for more export product. The government of Morocco became involved and plans to more than double the area of preservation are in the works. Also due to expansion of Organic Argan Oil's popularity, jobs have been created for the Berber women in the area. The "Fair Trade" movement, which has recently gained worldwide attention, demands that these local women be paid a living wage and treated fairly, and is ensuring that the local economy of the Berber people can remain stable.

In short, your body and soul can benefit from the decision to use only Organic Argan Oil for your hair skin, and nails. If you do your homework and select a product that contains Organic Argan Oil, you will see dramatic results as your body and mind are restored and rejuvenated!