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Argan Oil in New York

Last Updated: July 10th, 2020

The Big Apple, the City that Never Sleeps, and the central hub of fashion and beauty on the East Coast, New York City may be the most well-known place in the world. In the big city, you find a little bit of everything--from celebrities to common folks, businessmen and politicians--and the lifestyles to go along with them all. The weather in New York ranges from hot and humid to frigid and dry, and, because of its urban setting and clogged roadways, there is always a haze of smog that goes along with big city living. The hairstyles in New York City are just as diverse as the people and the weather, but they all share one common need: protection from damage.

Brought across the country by celebrities and snowbirds, the use of Argan Oil in New York has taken off in recent years. Salons began to carry Argan Oil in New York City after its boost in popularity on the West Coast, mainly to keep up with the travelling celebrities and snowbirds who return to New York in the summer.

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

Argan Oil for New York Celebrities

Celebs love bouncing from the West Coast to the East Coast, especially because the New York nightlife is world famous and offers a big-city feeling they don't get in Hollywood. An especially popular time for celebrities to flock to the Big Apple is during New York Fashion Week. Highly regarded as one of the top fashion events in the world, this yearly spectacle features the newest trends in fashion and beauty from all over the world. Hair on the runway is always flawless. But with all the teasing, ironing, curling, and coloring that go along with the various looks, models can often find themselves left with dull, frizzy hair - a fashion faux pas not acceptable on the catwalk.

The use of Argan Oil at New York Fashion Week began when stylists from LA brought the product into the limelight and it exploded onto the scene soon thereafter. Another venue that brought Argan Oil to the spotlight is the New York Hair Show, a yearly gathering of stylists from across the country. Coming together in a convention setting, they explore the newest products and gear for styling, coloring, and caring for hair. With products featuring Argan Oil in New York during the hair show, stylists from around the country were exposed to the newest and most promising hair serum yet. Many took their samples and their knowledge home with them to share with their clients and colleagues.

Argan Oil Takes New York

Soon, everywhere you looked there was an abundance of Argan Oil in New York salons and, because of its increased popularity, prices started to become more reasonable. The miracle serum from Morocco had finally made its grand appearance on the US market and took the hair industry by storm. Women in the Big Apple loved Argan Oil because of its many benefits for color and heat treated hair. In the hot summer sun, they enjoyed the same protection that all the women in California raved about. The pollution wasn't a problem anymore, because daily use of Argan Oil in New York kept the smog from depositing on their locks. Even with all these amazing benefits, it wasn't until the first few winters in New York that it became apparent that it wasn't just sun and smog damage that women using Argan Oil in New York were protected from. NYC may share some common trends with LA, but with the coming of the cold winter air, women who used Argan Oil in New York City quickly realized they weren't suffering from the dry, damaged hair that they saw in the past when the temperatures dropped. Shiny and soft through every season, healthy hair made Argan Oil a huge success.

Argan Oil: New York City's Favorite Product

Providing year round protection from pollution, sun, styling, color damage, and even winter's harsh conditions, it became a daily ritual to use Argan Oil in New York City. Stylists kept recommending the products and women bragged to their friends and families about its miraculous effects. As time went on, New Yorkers travelled worldwide and world travelers coming into The Big Apple began to seek the advice of New York stylists, who kept the trend alive. Now, the use of products containing Argan Oil in New York is so much more than just a trend. Many times, when New York City speaks, the whole country listens, and such is the case with Argan Oil and its amazing benefits. From the pages of fashion and celebrity magazines to the floors of the stock exchange, New York hair is more gorgeous than ever, shining on the red carpet, at movie premiers, in the heart of the business district, and even in the grocery store.