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Moroccan Oil Shampoo

Last Updated: August 06th, 2020

You've probably heard of hair treatments that use Moroccan oil - sometimes referred to as argan oil - as an essential part of their formula. You may even have one in your house right now. But did you know that you can double the hair-nourishing benefits of argan oil by adding a Moroccan oil shampoo to your regimen? It's true!

But you should be careful before you invest your money on the wrong product. Not all Moroccan oil shampoos are created equal. Many shampoos contain ingredients that are bad for your hair, and some of them might not have the right type of argan oil in their formula. Also, once you find the right Moroccan oil shampoo, you have to know how to use it correctly. Below, we'll explain what you should be looking for in the right shampoo, and give you some extra tips and tricks for washing your hair that will enhance your product's performance.

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

Good And Bad Ingredients In Moroccan Oil Shampoos

First and foremost, you want your Moroccan oil shampoo to have real, organic argan oil in it. You want to avoid synthetic conditioners designed to mimic the performance of the real deal. It's also good to look into the company who manufactures the product to make sure that they are sourcing their oil through sustainable farming techniques, and that the Berber women who produce it are getting paid a fair wage for their labor. Believe it or not, there are some unscrupulous businesses out there who get their oil through less than sustainable and/or ethical means.

Furthermore, Lots of shampoos today (even some kinds of Moroccan oil shampoo) contain sulfates. You want to try and find a shampoo that does not contain sulfates if possible. Sulfates became popular many years ago because they make your shampoo produce more suds and create the illusion of making your hair cleaner. Additionally, they can dry out your hair and scalp, which can turn your strands dry and brittle. Over time, this can cause breakage and make it more difficult to grow your hair out.

Lots of Moroccan oil shampoo manufacturers have also started shying away from including parabens into their formula. Parabens have received a lot of heat lately because there is some science out there which suggests that parabens might be carcinogenic, especially when it comes to breast cancer. While the data is still incomplete on the subject, most people would rather be safe than sorry and have begun to purchase only those beauty products which are paraben-free.

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Moroccan Oil Shampoo

Did you know you may have been washing your hair wrong your whole life? If you've dutifully followed the directions on the back of your shampoo bottle every single day, there's a good chance you've been washing your hair in a way that strips it of essential oils, causing breakage and damage. To get the most out of your Moroccan oil shampoo, follow these tips: