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Moroccan Oil Hairspray

Last Updated: May 26th, 2020

The women of Morocco have known about the power of Argan Oil for centuries, using it to protect their skin and hair from the harsh desert sun and dry conditions. Recently, Argan Oil has been dubbed "Moroccan Oil" and taken the beauty industry by storm. Touted for its ability to moisturize, repair, and protect, Moroccan Oil is used in a wide range of products for use on hair, skin, and nails.

When it comes to hair, there are few other ingredients as versatile as Moroccan Oil. Use of Moroccan Oil infuses your hair with essential fatty acids, Vitamin E and other nutrients that can restore damaged hair to a soft and shiny state. For the maximum benefits, it is recommended to use a full line of hair care products containing Argan Oil: starting with shampoo and conditioner, continuing with heat protectant serum, and finishing your beautifully styled hair with a Moroccan Oil Hairspray. You may have thought hairspray was just for holding your hair in place, but once you try Moroccan Oil Hairspray, you will see a dramatic difference in your finished look!

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

Why Use a Moroccan Oil Hairspray?

You hair is constantly exposed to sources of damage and the end result is frizzy, unmanageable locks. Color and chemical services, heat styling, and using many hair styling products can deplete hair's nutrients. These treatments dry out hair and leave behind residue that makes hair greasy and dull. Exposure to sun, cold, wind and pollution can also leave hair tangled, singed, and clog your hair's cuticles.

With all the potential dangers your hair faces, it's no surprise that before leaving the house, you reach for the nearest can of hairspray to get your hair to cooperate for the day ahead. Argan Oil has the potential to not only repair damaged hair and leave it feeling soft and hydrated, but to protect hair from future damage as well. Especially when combined with other Argan Oil products, Moroccan Oil Hairspray not only holds your style in place and calms fly-aways, but leaves a dose of Argan Oil behind to coat your hair with a healthy protectant. It's like a force field from the elements!

Regular hairsprays are formulated to coat hair with chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and phosphates, aiming to create friction to hold hair in place. Leaving residue behind even after shampooing, regular hairsprays are simply bad for your hair. Moroccan Oil Hairspray is more likely to exclude the harsh chemical additives, since Argan Oil is a natural smoothing agent and leaves no residue behind. Applied during and after heat styling, you will protect your hair and seal your look without leaving your hair sticky with chemical residue.

How to Select a Moroccan Oil Hairspray

Once you decide to try Moroccan Oil Hairspray, consult with your stylist. They will determine the level of hold you will need to keep your style looking its best and recommend the best Moroccan Oil Hairspray for you. You may even be able to try it in the salon during your visit. Buying your Moroccan Oil Hairspray from a trusted source also prevents product fraud. Among the rarest oils in the world, you won't find true organic Argan Oil in a cheap product.

When available, select a Moroccan Oil Hairspray that uses organic Argan Oil. Organic Argan Oil is produced without any pesticides or preservatives. When you're spraying you hair with a product, it's not only deposited on the hair: it's inhaled in trace amounts and deposits on your skin as well, making any chemical residue even less appealing.

D.I.Y Moroccan Oil Hairspray

Many people experiment at home with making their own hair care products. You can try making your own at home, but remember a few key things. Home-made hairspray often calls for high-proof liquor to replace the alcohol typically used in commercial sprays and this can be especially drying to the hair. You will have to do a little hunting to find organic Argan Oil to use in your D.I.Y Hairspray as well, which can be even more expensive than purchasing the salon brand sprays. You also won't have as many options as far as hold level either, as most D.I.Y. hairsprays are "flexible hold" with minimal control. This may work if your hair is generally smooth and manageable, but for curled styles or all-day looks, you may not be able to get the hold you need.

Can I Use a Drugstore Moroccan Oil Hairspray?

The debate between drugstore and salon brand hair products has been in existence for as long as hair products have been available. A well-known rule of thumb always applies: you get what you pay for! A hairspray from the drugstore may be more affordable, but is unlikely to contain organic Argan Oil, if it contains any real Argan Oil at all. Regulations on "over-the-counter" hair care products are loose and many products combine artificial colors and fragrances to emulate real Argan Oil. Drugstore sprays also use more additives like plastics and waxes to simulate Argan Oil's ability to smooth and soften your hair. Residue left on the hair from these additives is difficult to remove. Furthermore, drugstore Moroccan Oil Hairspray can contain higher levels of preservatives than salon brands to extend the shelf life of the product.

Balance your desire to save money with the importance of keeping your hair healthy and the choice becomes obvious. When choosing a Moroccan Oil Hairspray, make the smart choice and buy from a trusted source. Get your stylist's opinion and, when possible, purchase directly from the manufacturer to ensure you get the real deal! Your hair will thank you, and show its gratitude with shining, frizz-free style.