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Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment

Last Updated: August 06th, 2020

Moroccan oil - more commonly referred to as "argan oil" - is a great new product meant to improve the condition of your nails, skin, and especially, hair. But were you aware that Moroccan oil products come in many different forms? Mainly, though, you can either buy a bottle of pure Moroccan oil, which contains nothing else other than argan oil, or you can pick up a Moroccan oil hair treatment.

A Moroccan oil treatment will differ from a pure argan oil formula because a treatment will incorporate additional ingredients which work with the oil in order to bolster its conditioning power. So, we're sure that the next logical question you're probably asking yourself is: which one should I buy? Is it better to go for a pure argan oil formula, or should I invest my money in a Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment?

There are significant differences between those two basic products, so it's good to educate yourself on what each one is, and what it is specifically designed to do. That way, when it comes time to incorporate one of them into your beauty routine, you'll know what you're getting yourself into. Below, we'll go into detail about what a Moroccan oil hair treatment is, and what it can do for your style.

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment Vs. 100% Pure Argan Oil

100% pure argan oil is Moroccan oil in its purest form. A bottle of pure argan oil, assuming that the manufacturer is being honest and doing business within the rules of the law, contains no other additives, preservatives, chemicals, or additional botanical ingredients. Another good thing about pure argan oil is its versatility; you don't have to restrict yourself to only using the argan oil in your hair. Pure argan oil can also be used on your skin to improve its softness and combat wrinkles, or on your nails to help make them grow stronger and longer.

With a pure argan oil formula, how much you apply and how often you apply it will vary greatly depending on your hair type. Normal or fine hair might look oily or weighed down if you apply too much argan oil. Textured, dry, or naturally frizzy hair may require a lot of product just to be manageable. Figuring out how much oil you need, and how often, can require extensive experimentation.

Along with a dramatically different ingredients list, a Moroccan oil hair treatment will differ from 100% virgin argan oil in price, usually. A bottle of pure, high-quality argan oil tends to be expensive. This is because it is being imported from a foreign land, and the vast majority of (legally) procured argan oil comes from sustainable co-ops, which are focused on responsible farming methods and paying their producers a fair wage. All of these aspects have a tendency to raise prices - but most buyers are okay with this as long as they know they are getting a quality formula.

A Moroccan oil hair treatment will usually contain several conditioning ingredients, in addition to the argan oil. Also, as the name would imply, the formulation of these treatments is usually designed to give the greatest benefit to your hair only. But don't despair; if a versatile Moroccan oil hair treatment is what you're looking for, there are products which have been formulated to work on your skin and nails too.

The average cost of a Moroccan oil hair treatment will vary, depending on the product you want to buy. Usually, these formulas are more affordable than a bottle of 100% pure argan oil because the most expensive ingredient is used in smaller quantities. But don't let that dissuade you; the additional ingredients work synergistically with the argan oil to give your hair strength and shine without weighing it down, the way a pure argan oil formula can.

Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment: What to Look For

If you'd rather take advantage of the affordable price and lightweight conditioning benefits, you should know what else to look for in an ideal formula. Of course, any Moroccan oil hair treatment you buy should contain pure, organic argania spinosa kernel oil (the fancy, technical name for argan oil). But a good formula that is worthy of your money will also include at least one or several of the following:

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