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Moroccan Oil Hair Mask

Last Updated: May 25th, 2020

Argan Oil has been used for centuries in Morocco as a skin and hair protectant. It has become a beauty product staple, known worldwide as "Moroccan Oil" because of its historic use in Morocco, where it is exclusively produced. Harvested from the fruit of the Argan tree, Moroccan Argan Oil is touted for its ultra-moisturizing, cell-regenerating and anti-aging properties. Available in a wide range of forms, Moroccan Oil's use in the hair industry has taken the market by storm and for good reason. Argan Oil contains Vitamin E, Omega Fatty Acids and other micronutrients that can restore damaged hair to a soft and shiny state. One of the most effective methods of reaping all the benefits Argan Oil has to offer is with the use of a Moroccan Oil hair mask. Thick and creamy, deeply penetrating and infused with a potent dose of Argan Oil, a Moroccan Oil hair mask can do wonders for any hair type.

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

How to Choose a Moroccan Oil Hair Mask

Choosing any hair product can be a challenge, especially with so many options available. Regardless of what selection you make, there are a few key guidelines you should keep in mind when choosing a Moroccan Oil hair mask. When possible, you should always select a hair mask that uses organic Argan Oil , which is produced without the use of pesticides and preservatives -- the last things you want to infuse into your hair! Buying your Moroccan Oil hair mask from a trusted source will help assure you get what you pay for as well, since real organic Argan Oil is not cheap. One of the rarest oils in the world, you won't find it in a bargain-bin product.

How to Use a Moroccan Oil Hair Mask

Using your Moroccan Oil hair mask is simple, no matter what type you select. Working similarly to a conditioner, the mask is always applied to hair that is freshly cleansed and still moist. The warm water in your shower combined with the scrubbing action of a good shampoo will open the hair cuticles, leaving them receptive to the nutrients and vitamins in the hair mask. Once applied to your scalp, roots and ends, the mask will remain on the hair for anywhere from 10-45 minutes. Remaining in the steamy shower during this time can help the mask penetrate deeply, so consider applying before you shave your legs to give it time to process. After resting on the hair, you will rinse the mask with cool to lukewarm water so you can seal in the effects. Rinsing with hot water will pull more of the Moroccan Oil hair mask from the cuticle and leave your hair open to the elements. When drying your hair, never rough it up with a towel or leave it wrapped in the towel for more than 10 minutes. Contrary to popular believe, both of these actions lead to frizz and counteract the effects of the Moroccan Oil.

Why to Buy a Moroccan Oil Hair Mask

When you plan to spend money on a Moroccan Oil hair mask, you are likely to get the best results for your hair when you consult with your stylist. Along with coloring and styling hair, your salon professionals receive training in product knowledge and are sure to know a thing or two about which hair mask will work for you. They will first determine your hair type, level of damage and other needs like volume, dryness, or color protection. Then they will recommend the best Moroccan Oil hair mask for you, and may even be able to conduct your first application in the salon during your visit. Some salons will gladly give you a sample of a Moroccan Oil hair mask to try before you purchase.

D.I.Y Moroccan Oil Hair Mask

If you decide that you'd rather make your own Moroccan Oil hair mask, you should still follow some of the ground rules. Consider asking your stylist for advice regarding your hair type and damage level, and ask them if they have any recommendations about selecting a shampoo to use before applying your mask. You may need to do a little searching to find organic Argan Oil to use in your home-made hair mask. Other ingredients you can use are avocado, yogurt, eggs, mayonnaise, banana, and other nourishing oils. Because you're mixing your own ingredients, it may take a little experimentation to get the right consistency. It should be thick enough to stay on the hair without dripping off immediately. You will need up to 45 minutes of processing time for a D.I.Y Moroccan Oil hair mask, so try placing a plastic cap over the hair while it is working. Avoid using heat or you may end up with cooked food in your hair. You'll need to throw away any unused mixture each time, as it will likely spoil quickly without any preservatives.

Can I Use a Drugstore Moroccan Oil Hair Mask?

There has always been great debate about the use of bargain or drugstore hair products. Many stylists will forewarn you to expect what you pay for, and for the most-part, you should heed their warnings. Aside from the fact that a drugstore hair mask is unlikely to contain organic Argan Oil, you can never be sure if it even contains real Argan Oil. The popularity of Argan Oil has led to many fraudulent products, many of which use a small amount and disguise the mixture with artificial fragrance and color to simulate higher content. Drugstore masks may also contain waxes or plastics that coat the hair simulating the smoothing effect of real Argan Oil. These additives leave residue on the hair that is difficult to remove and can clog the hair cuticle, preventing color services from penetrating the hair shaft. If that isn't enough to deter you from trying a drugstore hair mask, consider that there are minimal regulations regarding the use of harmful chemical preservatives and pesticides in these products. Saving money is important, but you should weigh the risks and benefits of spending a few extra dollars. Your hair will reflect your decision with a healthy shine!