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Argan Oil in Los Angeles

Last Updated: August 06th, 2020

Los Angeles is widely considered to be the hottest spot in the country for emerging trends in fashion and beauty, thanks in part to the influence of the Hollywood celebrities that call this city home. Simple mention of the West Coast hotspot can start a buzz across the country and when Los Angeles latches on to a new hair product, it's almost guaranteed to be in-demand from coast to coast. It's no surprise that the use of Argan Oil in Los Angeles sparked the now explosive popularity of this hair miracle all over the United States. Used for centuries in Morocco by the native women to soothe their sun-battered hair and skin, Argan Oil reached the USA just in time to save the locks of women across the states from frizz and dryness from more than just the sun!

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

Argan Oil: Los Angeles' Celebrity Secret

The top celebrity stylists were among the first to discover Argan Oil in Los Angeles, as the exotic oil carried a hefty price tag when it was initially imported from overseas. Willing to spend the extra money to get the results they longed for, celebrity clients became immediately hooked on Argan Oil. Stars need their hair to be constantly on-trend without showing the signs of all the efforts to keep up and the benefits of using Argan Oil began to show as celebs hit red carpet events looking better than ever. Color services, straighteners, curling, up-dos, overuse of styling products, constant teasing, and the use of hair extensions all lead to damaged hair; luckily for these over-processed, over-photographed stars, Argan Oil is known for its ability to repair split ends, moisturize, and protect hair from future damage. With regular use, hair regains a healthy glow and frizz is tamed, making for some stunning close ups and eliminating the fear of being featured in the "hair-don't" section of the tabloid de jour. For that reason, the use of Argan Oil in Los Angeles led to "the beautiful people" becoming even more beautiful!

Argan Oil in Los Angeles Salons

After the appearance of Argan Oil in Los Angeles celebrity hair chairs, stylists began to share their new discovery with high end salons in the area, generating demand among both the rich and famous and the up and coming. L.A. is a town where the elite live alongside the up-and-coming and word spreads fast about what the celebs are doing to keep themselves a step ahead. As the use of Argan Oil trickled down the social ladder, word continued to spread about the amazing effects of this nutty oil from Morocco. Offering damage repair and prevention from the many salon services was just the beginning. Poolside, Argan Oil was a savior from the California sunshine's effects on hair. Driving through the city, gleaming shiny hair was seen in the windows of cars as they made their way down Santa Monica Blvd. With the increased use of Argan Oil in Los Angeles, bloggers and reviewers started to make mention of the newest hair product trend in magazines and across the web.

Argan Oil at Los Angeles Fashion Week

Perhaps one of the biggest national exposure routes for hair and beauty products, L.A. Fashion week brought a new level of attention to Argan Oil in Los Angeles and around the globe. Top fashion designers demand perfection on the runway, down to the smallest detail, and when stylists used Argan Oil to create the ultimate looks to compliment the newest fashion trends, the whole country paid attention. Color seems more rich and bold as the bright lights reflect on sleek hair coming down the catwalk. Models seemed superhuman as their luscious locks appeared healthy, superbly styled, and without an ounce of frizz in sight. Stars in attendance appeared just as well-kempt, and the red carpet photos caused a question to rise on every newsstand and blog: "What are they doing in LA to look so perfect!?" The answer was simple. Using Argan Oil in Los Angeles, stylists had created a wave of beautiful looks that appeared impervious to the damaging effects of constant styling and California sunshine. Once again, a trend exploded from the City of Angels in the form of hair that shined like a halo, with results at the level of perfection that celebs demand. It was only a matter of time before the rest of the country was clambering to get their hands on the phenomenal product, regardless of the price tag. Increased popularity brought more shipments of Argan Oil to Los Angeles, and gradually, the demand drove prices down and imports up. Now, nearly everyone can afford to be part of the beautiful hair movement that began with the use of Argan Oil in Los Angeles.