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Argan Oil for Lips

Last Updated: July 10th, 2020

Are you aware of what argan oil can do for your beauty regimen? Odds are you've heard of it by now, because since this Moroccan beauty treatment took Europe and the Americas by storm, nearly every single manufacturer of beauty products has either tried to come out with their own pure argan oil formula, or created a new product (some even go as far as to create an entire line of products) which features argan oil as its main ingredient. And when you look at what this "liquid gold" is capable of, it isn't hard to see why.

When argan oil first became popular in western countries, its primary use was for hair. Soon, aestheticians discovered that it was an excellent facial moisturizer, with the added benefits of fine line reduction and UV protection. Recently, it has become an excellent treatment for those who suffer from weak nails that break frequently and won't grow.

But did you know about argan oil for lips? Yes, you read that right. The healing properties of argan oil are so vast and universal that even your lips can benefit from its use. Whether you want to use plain oil by itself, an oil infused lip balm, a shiny, moisturizing lip gloss, or even find an argan oil lip stick in that perfect shade, argan oil for lips is an up and coming trend that is about to take the beauty market by storm.

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

Conditioning Benefits of Argan Oil for Lips

Fun fact: lips aren't their own, unique body part, necessarily; they are just another, yet slightly different part of the largest organ you possess: skin. Lips contain the same dermal layers as regular skin, and function the same way normal skin does on a cellular level. However, there are a few very important differences which make your lips unique, and also present unique challenges when it comes to keeping them moisturized and well hydrated.

For starters, the top dermal layer of your lips is much thinner than the rest of your skin. This makes your lips vulnerable to the elements, such as dry weather, UV damage, and becoming dried out from your saliva. Additionally, unlike the rest of your skin, the lips have no sebaceous glands. These are the glands responsible for keeping your skin lubricated. These glands are also the source of your sweat when your body temperature rises and you need to cool down. Therefore, your lips are that much more prone to dryness than any other part of you.

So don't worry; nobody is going to call you crazy if you decide to use argan oil for lips. And if they try, just calmly explain the science behind this particular beauty treatment. Pretty soon, they'll want to get their hands on some argan oil for lips, too!

Products that Use Argan Oil for Lips

Sure, you could dab a drop of two of pure argan oil into your pucker; but why not look for a lip product that gives you the benefits of argan oil with a little something extra? For example, you might want to look into:

So if you're ready to say goodbye to cracked, dry lips, get some argan oil now!