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Lip Gloss: the Good, the Bad, and the Shiny

Last Updated: July 10th, 2020

The desire to see beautiful women with glossy lips has been around since the early 1930s. Famous movie makeup artist Max Factor started applying wet, shiny glosses to the lips of starlets to enhance their beauty and make their look stand out in the black and white films of his day. Naturally, female movie fans wanted a similar look for themselves, and a trend was born which still perseveres to this day.

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

Types of Lip Gloss

As mentioned above, lip gloss was originally invented for the purpose of making actress' lips stand out on black and white film. When viewing audiences expressed a desire to re-create that look for themselves in real life, the commercial success for glossy lip products was born.

The original formula for lip gloss was centered on its purely cosmetic purpose. However, as its popularity rose over the years and customers demanded more variety and versatility from their glosses, manufacturers started incorporating ingredients which created additional benefits to wearing a glossy sheen on the lips. Flavors were eventually adopted, and some producers began including conditioning elements in order to compete with the market share of similar yet more profitable lip enhancers, such as lip balm.

Another attempt to improve the profitability of lip gloss was to increase its cosmetic versatility with colors and, more recently, "plumping" properties. Although the original forms of gloss were either clear or slightly tinted (a tint that rarely showed, unless your lips were severely pale or you used a large amount of the product), these days it is extremely difficult to find any form of gloss that does not come in some opaque color. Often, these colors are enhanced with glitter, mica, or other sparkly additions in order to add shine and amplify the glossy effect. Plumping glosses often utilize ingredients which temporarily give lips a fuller, larger appearance. These results are almost always short-lived and not nearly as effective as plastic surgery, but they are an affordable alternative for women who want to avoid costly, invasive procedures.

Fun Lip Gloss Trivia

Here are some fun facts about lip gloss that you can use to entertain your friends at your next party:

The Hottest New Lip Gloss Trend

This may surprise a lot of beauty connoisseurs, but one of the newest developments in glossy lip technology is to incorporate argan oil into the formula. Argan oil, which is sometimes referred to as Moroccan oil, is a new beauty oil which comes from the seeds of the fruit of the argan tree. When harvested and processed, these seeds produce an oil which is high in vitamin E and fatty acids. These nutrients are not only good for your health when the argan kernels are roasted and processed for culinary use, but the unroasted and processed oil is an excellent conditioner. And your lips can benefit from the enhanced moisture for a shiny, glossy, attractive look.

Of course, your beauty regimen can benefit from argan oil in more ways than achieving glossy lips. Originally, when argan oil first became big overseas in Europe and the Americas, it was used as a leave-in treatment for dry, brittle, damaged hair. It can also soften and moisturize dry skin, while protecting it from sun damage and fending off fine lines. Lately, it has also been discovered that people who suffer with dry, brittle nails can rub argan oil into their hands and fingertips to reduce breakage and strengthen the nail bed.

If you're curious about how argan oil infused products can enhance your natural look, take a look at our reviews page. We've ranked the top products available, which will save you time and money!