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Argan Oil for Healthier Skin and Hair

Last Updated: July 10th, 2020

As argan oil has made its way out of the Moroccan deserts and into the hands of all nationalities, it is no secret that it is the miracle oil for skin - but what does this miracle oil really do?

Also referred to as Moroccan oil or liquid gold, argan oil is extracted by hand from the nuts of the argan tree, known to the inhabitants of Morocco as the "tree of life". Argan nuts are used for a number of different things today such as healing and rejuvenation of skin cells for younger healthier skin and eating for both animals and people alike. But did you know that all of argan oils, minerals, and vitamins can be used to liven up and restore your hair?

Vitamins, Minerals, and Fatty Acids, oh my!

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

Because argan oil is packed full of vitamin E, phenolic acid, carotene, and anti-oxidants it is no wonder it is used on people's skin. These components remove dead skin and strengthen new skin cells to make them healthier and softer than they would otherwise be. Other properties of argan oil aid in the anti-ageing of skin keeping it looking younger and even smoothing away wrinkles. Ferulic acids, essential fatty acids, carotenoids, sterols, and saponins all work together in this organic compound to naturally protect skin from growing old and wrinkling. These compounds repair and protect skin from dangerous things like harsh UV rays and hard labor that may cause calluses and dry out skin cells. Not to mention that argan oil has been found to be very effective on treating existing acne, chickenpox, and pimples. It has also proven to be effective in removing acne scars and other blemishes such as stretch marks or birthing scars. Argan oil has been used successfully to aid with eczema which causes skin to be itchy, inflamed and sometimes very dry to the touch. The moisturizing agents in argan oil improve skin's overall moisture and pack the skin cells with rich amounts of vitamins that will effectively rejuvenate and heal even the most damaged skin. Its unique properties help to improve the skin's natural ability to heal itself. All these awesome benefits from a single, all natural product that has no added chemicals or compounds and has had no negative side effects, who wouldn't want to take advantage of argan oil for healthier skin?

Argan Oil for Healthier Skin Can Improve your Hair, too!

Now that we have all been made aware of how great argan oil is on the skin, let's focus on what it can do for your hair. Hair follicles are exposed to pretty much everything your skin will ever meet, including UV rays, harsh soaps or shampoos, and weather elements: just to name a few. Argan oil can be found in Moroccan oil shampoos and it works just as well as the pure extract. It is no wonder every shampoo company out there is pushing for a product that will best revive and heal dry and damaged hair - everyone's hair has some amount of damage to it. If you have a dry scalp, you may also suffer from dandruff problems. Same as with the skin, argan oil has all natural moisturizing properties to repair and restore damaged cells and hair follicles. Because argan oil is so wonderful for the skin, using it on your hair will treat any scalp conditions you may have while it moisturizes and activates your hairs' natural healing abilities. Therefore, it does not use harsh chemicals - it heals your hair naturally.

In addition to adding moisture to the hair argan oil works to promote hairs' natural strength, it nourishes and promotes the growth of new hairs without entering the hair pores and otherwise causing hair to be overly greasy. This benefit has also shown its merit on those who suffer from balding or thinning hair. Argan oil can restore areas experiencing hair loss and naturally promote growth of new healthy hair that is not embedded with chemicals, but is actually yours. Argan oil helps manage hair by restoring its smoothness, alleviating tangles and eliminating roughness. It also ensures a natural glow from roots to tips which only truly healthy hair can have.

Granted, argan oil has been known to be a bit pricy. Argan oil for healthier skin is a fairly rare product because the argan tree only grows in Morocco and the natives make it entirely by hand. But when you consider the all-around benefits of argan oil, some would argue that its worth definitely outweighs the cost. Learn more.