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What Is Argan Oil for Hair Growth?

Last Updated: July 10th, 2020

In order to better understand how and why using argan for hair growth can be successful, it is important to understand the basic causes of hair loss. Research has shown that a condition known as androgenic alopecia, a genetic disposition to hair loss slows down the rate of hair regrowth in approximately 95 percent of those suffering from hair loss, other causes may include medications, anemia, thyroid issues, environmental conditions, and various diseases. Using products such as those from Visible Science that contain argan oil for hair growth treatments has been proven to be quite successful in a number of cases.

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

What's In Argan Oil for Hair Growth?

One of the most important ingredients in argan oil for hair growth is vitamin E. Most people are aware of the numerous health benefits of vitamin E, among these are helping to maintain overall heart and skin health. However, in recent years research has proven that vitamin E has been found to not only help maintain the hair health, but also to help reduce hair loss and in many cases to help stimulate hair growth.

Scientists are still trying to completely understand the mechanism by which this vital nutrient helps to prevent hair loss and stimulate growth. It is thought, however, that the process works in a similar fashion to that which keeps the heart healthy. During this process, researchers believe vitamin E helps to stimulate the growth of capillaries. The more of these that are present in the body, the better the flow of blood in every area of the body.

Vitamin E and Argan Oil for Hair Growth

Just as the vitamin E stimulates the production of capillaries, the same vitamin in argan oil used for hair growth stimulates the flow of blood within the scalp. Scientists and researchers believe that it is this increased blood flow which is in large part the cause of reduced hair loss. It may also be responsible for the growth of both existing hair and the regrowth of hair in areas where hair has ceased to grow resulting in thinning hair and baldness.

The use of argan oil for hair growth found in products such as those from Visible Science has more benefits than helping to stimulate the growth of hair. By producing more capillaries and increasing the flow of blood throughout the scalp, vitamin E can help to reduce the number of split ends many people have.

Argan oil has also been found to help heal the damage done by chemical treatments, curling irons, and hair dryers. Regular use of products containing argan oil including shampoos, conditioners, and leave in treatments has been found to stimulate the growth of healthy, soft, and silky hair that is far more manageable. Learn more.