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Argan Oil for Your Face

Last Updated: July 10th, 2020

Argan oil has many different benefits for nearly every aspect of your beauty routine. It is a great remedy for various hair problems, ranging from dry, brittle strands to repairing breakage and shielding your tresses from heat styling and sun damage. As nails are also made of keratin, it can also be great for your nails for many of the same reasons! The fortifying and conditioning properties of Morocco's "liquid gold" work to help strengthen nails that break frequently, or that peel and chip before you can grow them out to your desired length.

But that's not all that argan oil can do. This beauty supplement is excellent for every inch of your skin, including the skin on your lips, which is vulnerable to external elements and needs extra moisture and protection. What other areas of your vulnerable skin that argan oil can improve? Your face! It's true; there are many different benefits you can gain from using argan oil for your face. We will go into detail about each one below, because knowing exactly how and why a product works is an important part of being a beauty expert.

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

How Argan Oil for Your Face Can Eliminate Wrinkles

There are a variety of reasons why fine lines and other premature signs of aging might show up on your skin. Perhaps you spent too much time out in the sun when you were younger. Maybe you were a bit of a tomboy and did not develop a comprehensive skin care regimen until later in life. Maybe you have had (or are trying to quit) some bad habits that wear and tear on your skin, such as smoking or excessive drinking. Or perhaps it's something as simple as not drinking enough water or exercising enough on a daily basis. It might even be due to something which is beyond your control, such as genetics.

Regardless of the reason, argan oil for your face can help you fend off these pesky blemishes before they show themselves. Fine lines can start to form in your late 20's or early 30's, so it's never too soon to add argan oil for your face to your beauty regime. The superpowered moisturizing benefits of argan oil, plus its natural ability to tone skin and protect it from the elements, all work to ensure that you won't fall victim to premature aging.

How Argan Oil for Your Face Can Protect You from the Sun

Without question, the biggest and most obnoxious villain when it comes to premature skin aging and facial blemishes is good ol' Mr. Sun. Sure, it may feel good to bare skin in the spring and summer when the world is thawing out after a hard winter, or to soak up rays on the beach to achieve that perfect golden tan. Unfortunately, all of that sun worshipping can and will wreak havoc on the youthful, smooth look of your complexion.

If you want to avoid the downsides to excessive sun exposure, such as skin elasticity loss, burns, and an increased risk of melanoma, then you will want to apply argan oil for your face at least once a day. Argan oil has an exceptionally high level of vitamin E, which is excellent for protecting your skin and helping it repair itself from sun damage. Additionally, the large concentration of fatty acids in Moroccan oil nourish damaged skin cells and work to repair a broken collagen matrix, leaving your face looking supple and smooth.

The Moisturizing Benefits of Argan Oil for Your Face

When it comes to moisturizing, few oils out there come packed with the nourishing power that argan oil for your face does. We mentioned earlier how vitamin E is great for your skin when it comes to sun damage and repairing it. But vitamin E is also one of the oldest and most reliable skin conditioners in existence. It works to permeate the outer layer of skin, ensuring that the thirsty cells below get the moisture they need when exposed to harsh elements, such as dry weather or cold winter air.

The fatty acids naturally present in argan oil for your face can also help moisturize and nourish your skin. They help replenish your skin on a cellular level when dry conditions and UV rays desiccate all of the essential nutrients away, working synergistically with the vitamin E to ensure that your skin has optimal levels of moisture.

With all of these positive attributes, it's a wonder that more people aren't using argan oil to condition and moisturize their facial skin. Experience its benefits for yourself today!