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Argan Oil in Boston

Last Updated: August 06th, 2020

Popularized by celebrities in Hollywood magazines and by New York's high-end stylists, the use of Argan Oil in Boston has become more than just a passing trend. Known for its harbor views, Ivy League schools, and wicked winter weather, Boston is a city that differs from New York and LA, but can relate when it comes to the need for silky, soft, shiny hair. This exotic oil was initially expensive and difficult to find, but as it made its way across the country, prices dropped with the increase in demand. The celebrity grapevine brought news of a great product, and street-level credibility grew due to its popularity with snowbirds coming home from the west coast. By the time stylists began to use Argan Oil in Boston, it was reasonably affordable for their clients, and had proven itself essential for everything from red carpet events to the beach, and even through fierce winter weather.

Students make up a large part of the population in "Beantown," and these young residents are constantly on top of Hollywood news, as well as being very involved in the emerging beauty trends coming from New York City. From the classroom to the corner pub, young women wanted to look celebrity polished from head to toe, and were among the first to try Argan Oil in Boston. Styling their hair every day for classes and to hit the town at night, spending time outdoors during the day and in the smoky bars at night, there was a big job for Argan Oil in Boston protecting and restoring the hair of these lovely young ladies while they studied at the colleges by the harbor. It proved to be even more of a hit as the recent color trends reached the city, leading the young ladies to try daring bleaching techniques like "Ombre" and "Balayage." The damage caused by these services was eased with the use of Argan Oil in Boston, leaving hair looking silky and luscious, even after being tortured into trendy styles.

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

Argan Oil for Winter

As popular as it was for use by students to give their hair shine and softness, Argan Oil in Boston really took off when winter weather struck. Cold weather and dry air make living in the Northeast a challenge, and really take a toll on your locks. Dry hair tends to become frizzy, and the constant need to wear hats and scarves leads to tangles. When women began using Argan Oil in Boston, they realized quickly that their hair became more manageable during the long winter months, allowing them to retain their healthy hair without pulling through knots and causing even more damage. Stylists loved using Argan Oil in Boston because even during the cold season, their clients left with hair that gleamed and their hard work was kept up in between visits by their clients' at-home use of the products. By the time spring rolled around, flowers began to bloom, and winter hats revealed still-gorgeous locks!

Some women who began using Argan Oil in Boston brought the product with them when they escaped the winter cold and flew south for the season. Many who live in the Northeast spend their winters in warmer climates like Miami and San Diego, laying on the sand while others shovel the driveway. Their stylists told them, "Don't forget your Argan Oil in Boston!" The protection offered by Argan Oil on the shoreline is unparalleled, helping to repel the sun's UV rays, the drying salt water, and the tangles caused by the wind. Much like the desperate need for sunblock to protect your skin, the women knew from their experiences with Argan Oil in Boston that it would be exactly what they needed to keep their hair safe during their long, peaceful winter hibernations in the sun. This only proved how useful the products could be, and they continued to spread the word about Argan Oil in Boston and elsewhere as they travelled.

Hair Stylists Using Argan Oil

From the halls of the country's most prestigious schools to the city streets and Boston Harbor, the excited buzz about Argan Oil in Boston brought with it a revolution of beautiful hair in the city. Year-round protection may have been the most essential use for this nutty oil, but no one was complaining about its amazing ability to repair damaged hair, provide shine, and infuse moisture into their tresses. Stylists could easily prevent and repair color and treatment related damage to allow their clients to keep up with the Hollywood and New York hair trends. It's easy to see why the use of Argan Oil in Boston has led to the women of the City on a Hill feeling and looking stylish and beautiful through the seasons!