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Argan Oil for Your Body

Last Updated: July 10th, 2020

Lots of people have heard of using argan oil for their hair. But did you know that you can actually use argan oil for your body? Yes, your whole body. Centuries ago, when argan oil was first discovered in Morocco, the locals used it as an all-over beauty remedy for every single part of their bodies. Originally, argan seed kernels were roasted for the nutty, delicious flavor it added to culinary dishes. They soon discovered that not only was argan oil healthy the heart, it was also excellent for external beauty.

Native Moroccans still use argan oil for all of these benefits today, and you can gain the same benefits by using argan oil for your body too. Whether you use it on your face, your lips, your hair, your nails, or your skin, this exotic beauty oil will improve your overall look in ways you never thought possible. For more information, read below to see how using argan oil for your body cures specific common beauty problems.

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

Argan Oil for Your Body and Face

As popular as argan oil is for hair conditioning these days, it is becoming equally popular with people who want some powerful, protective hydration for their face and neck. It's those same botanical elements that make argan oil a perfect fortifier of dry, damaged hair strands that makes it a great facial oil as well.

This is partly due to the vitamin E content which makes up a large part of argan oil's overall volume. Vitamin E has been lauded for years as one of the best nutrients you can apply to the skin because of how well it fortifies the collagen structure which keeps your face supple and wrinkle free. It also helps to add moisture to dry skin, and even out overall facial skin tone.

Argan Oil for Your Body and Lips

Utilizing all the benefits argan oil for your body has to offer now includes your lips, too. If you don't believe us, you can perform a quick search for all of the different lip balms and lip glosses which are popping up and featuring argan oil as a main (or, at the very least, an active) ingredient in their formula.

Again, this is thanks to the vitamin E found in the argan oil, as well as the high content of nourishing fatty acids which are an integral part of the argan seed kernel. Some beauty experts even suggest that lips can benefit more from argan oil than other areas of your skin because of the fact that they are so vulnerable to moisture loss.

Argan Oil for Your Body and Hair

Obviously, the most popular use of argan oil for your body is related to hair conditioning. Thousands of women have been using pure argan oil as a leave in treatment for stressed out tresses. Argan oil is especially useful for hair that is dry or damaged, because the fatty acid content helps to replenish nutrients and restore strength to weak spots within the hair shaft.

Applying argan oil as a leave in treatment for your hair also works as an excellent styling tool, particularly for those who rely on lots of different heat styling tools in order to get the look they want. The oil seals moisture into each strand of hair, and helps to prevent hydration loss from blow dryers, flat irons, curling wands, and even crimping tools (for those days when you want to emulate that classic, retro look).

Argan Oil for Your Body and Nails

Another common trend with using argan oil for your body includes harnessing the healing properties of argan to fortify and repair weak, brittle nails. Manicure salons in the Americas and Europe are all starting to offer customers nourishing hand and foot scrubs which feature argan oil as an active ingredient. When massaged into the nail bed, the vitamins and fatty acids work to replenish dry, weak nails so that they will grow faster and stronger than before.

So if you're ready to say goodbye to short, stubby nails, consider trying argan oil today!