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Argan Oil for Beautiful Skin

Last Updated: July 10th, 2020

No matter our climate, nationality, or style of living, everyone has something they are not too crazy about when it comes to their skin. Perhaps it is that it is too greasy or oily and so your skin develops acne and pimples easily, or maybe it is dry and course or you have eczema. Whether it is stretch marks, wrinkles, or even scars, nobody's skin is perfect. But we don't have to live with an imperfect complexion. Products like Argan oil for beautiful skin rejuvenate and heal all skin types to create a youthful and healthy skin that radiates a natural beauty.

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

Argan Oil Origins

Argan oil is made naturally from the nuts of the argan tree which is indigenous to the mountainous deserts of Morocco in North Africa. However, this product is not a new and upcoming substance; on the contrary, it has been used for centuries by the Berber women as a beauty treatment for their skin, among other things.

Also referred to as Moroccan oil or "liquid gold", argan oil for beautiful skin is mostly made by hand in African workshops, with the assistance of a few rudimentary tools. First the workers gather fruit from the argan tree, which only blooms twice a year. Then they peel the fruit from the inner nut, and crack it open to get at the seeds. After mixing the seed kernels into a thick paste, they knead and squish the fruit until all of the oils are squeezed out. It is then bottled and sold for multiple uses. In its pure oil form, argan oil is a completely organic and 100% natural substance.

The Benefits of Argan Oil for Beautiful Skin

Argan oil is loaded with vitamin E, phenolic acid, carotene, and anti-oxidants which make it an ideal product for skin care. It also strengthens the new skin cells to make them healthier and softer than they would otherwise be. Other properties of argan prevent the ageing of skin, keeping it looking younger and even smoothing away those unwanted wrinkles. Not only effective at smoothing out the signs of aging, argan oil helps heal and restore skin from any stretch marks possibly left behind from pregnancy or weight loss. Folic acids, essential fatty acids, carotenoids, sterols, and saponins also work together in this organic compound to naturally protect skin from wearing out and wrinkling prematurely. These component repair and protect skin from dangerous things such as exposure to harsh UV rays and hard labor that may callous or dry the skin cells.

As noted before, argan oil has also been effective at treating the more common things that people struggle with. Aside from wrinkles and stretch marks, argan oil is good for treating acne, chickenpox, and pimples. It has proven to be successful in removing scars left behind by acne, measles, small wounds accumulated over the years, and other similar embarrassing blemishes. It has been used productively to aid those with eczema, which is a skin condition that causes one's skin to be itchy, inflamed and sometimes very dry to the touch. But the moisturizing agents found in argan oil improve skin's overall moisture and pack the skin cells with rich amounts of vitamins and minerals that will effectively rejuvenate and heal even the most damaged skin. The unique properties found in argan oil help to improve the skin's natural ability to heal itself, so the body is simply restored to its natural beauty, as opposed to many other products that incorporate unnatural chemicals to simply create a facade of youth or beauty to the skin.

Why Organic Argan Oil for Beautiful Skin Works Better

In addition to argan oil's amazing feats of restoring skin to its natural health and beauty without any added chemicals or alterations to the original fruit of the argan nut, it has been used with no documented side effects for centuries by the women of Africa and is even a popular beauty secret that has been used in the cosmetic circles around the world. Many companies use argan oil in their lines of lotions, soaps, and other creams - though many people do still seek it out in its pure form. Learn more.