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4 Important Argan Oil Benefits for Your Face

Last Updated: August 06th, 2020

The Moroccan Berber women have been using argan oil for centuries both for a health and beauty aid and to cook with. This amazing oil is harvested from the kernels of the argan fruit, which is in turn plucked from a tree by the same name. Often referred to as "liquid gold", each tree produces only enough fruit to create approximately one liter of this precious oil each year. Here are four very important argan oil benefits for your face that make it easy to see why this oil has become so popular in the western world:

For Moisturizing Your Skin

One of the most common uses for argan oil is as a skin moisturizer. When used properly the benefits of argan oil for your face include restoring moisture deep into your skin. The high levels of both omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and vitamin E help to rejuvenate your skin one of the many argan oil benefits for your face. Since the oil goes on smoothly and does not leave a greasy film behind, it makes the perfect natural skin moisturizer.

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

As an Anti-Aging Treatment

Along with the fact that argan oil makes a great natural moisturizer, regular use has been found to help reduce the depth and number of wrinkles in your skin. Loaded with anti-oxidants, Moroccan oil works to restore the natural elasticity and plumpness of your skin, giving it a softer and more youthful appearance. All it takes is a few drops of pure argan oil massaged into your skin once or twice daily to reduce the effects of aging.

As an Acne Treatment

One of the biggest problems with most skin moisturizers is that they contain heavy oils and thick moisturizing agents. If you suffer from acne, using these products is likely to clog your pores and exacerbate the condition instead of simply moisturizing your skin. One of the top argan oil benefits for your face is that it is non-greasy it goes on smooth and penetrates deep into your skin, without clogging pores. The anti-oxidants help to heal the damage caused by acne and reduce inflammation. In time, regular use can help to reduce the amount of acne you suffer from.

As a Protector

The skin on your face has to endure a great number of indignities, most of which can cause the skin to dry out and become damaged over the course of time. Among the many benefits of argan oil for a face treatment is the ability of this amazing oil to heal damaged, irritated, and burned skin. From dry, chapped skin to sunburns, judicious use of argan oil can help to increase the rate at which your skin will heal.

Skin care products such as those offered by Visible Science use pure argan oil due to its effectiveness when used for an acne treatment. Regular use can leave you with the kind of glowing, youthful looking skin you have always wanted. Learn more.