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Advantages of Applying Argan Oil to Your Nails

Last Updated: August 06th, 2020

People spend a lot of time, money and effort to look their best. We primp our hair, dress with a keen eye on style, and slather our skin with lotions and serums to look youthful, but often our nails fall below the radar. Healthy, strong nails are a sign of good hygiene and overall well-being. Likewise, brittle, cracked, and unkempt nails tend to be a sign of the opposite and attract the eye away from our otherwise well-kept image. Argan Oil, used to create many high end hair and skin products, has recently found a new niche with the growing popularity of Argan Oil nail care products. Argan Oil nail care products are used in all of the most exclusive spas and nail salons because of the many Argan Oil nail benefits. Many spas even charge an additional fee to use Argan Oil nail care products, though you can purchase your own bottle to use whenever you like. By using Argan Oil nail care products more frequently you can reduce the cost of your nail services, prolong their effects, and witness more Argan Oil nail benefits. Argan Oil nail care products can be purchased online, in beauty supply stores, and at high-end nail salons.

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

The Science Behind Argan Oil Nail Care Products

Nails are similar to hair because they are made of the same substance, Keratin. Keratin is extremely sensitive to heat, chemicals and hormonal changes and can become damaged, dry and inelastic. For this reason, Argan Oil nail benefits are similar to the effects of using Argan Oil for your hair . Argan oil nail care products can infuse your nails and the skin on your hands and feet with the vital nutrients and moisture they need to remain healthy. Argan Oil nail care products give you the full spectrum of Argan Oil nail benefits due to the high content of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and phenols in this precious oil. Argan Oil's nail benefits are numerous and it may surprise you to know that this amazing nutty oil from Morocco has been used for centuries by the native people there to keep their nails and skin in good shape. Healthy nails grow quickly, while nails that are brittle and dry will often break and prevent you from having the perfect natural nails you desire. Always be sure to select a high quality Argan Oil nail care product, as low quality, non-organic Argan Oil nail care products can contain lower levels of the essential nutrients and even toxic substances like pesticides.

Argan Oil Nail Benefits: Strength

Many women resort to the use of artificial nails to get around the issue of short, broken, brittle nails. While they look stunning, applying artificial nails leads to more harm than good, damaging the underlying nail and the surrounding cuticle. With the use of Argan Oil nail care products, you can restore your damaged nails and allow them to heal and grow. Whether or not artificial nails are used, the application of nail polish during manicures and pedicures is often combined with the use or harsh acetone nail polish remover and artificial nail remover. These products damage not only the nail, but the surrounding skin, known as the cuticle or nail bed. Chemical exposure due to these acetone products can lead to damaged and painful nails and cuticles that appear thin, brittle, and cannot retain moisture; argan oil helps repair damage to the cuticles and nails.

Argan Oil Nail Benefits: Moisture

Men and women alike who suffer from brittle, flaking nails can enjoy Argan Oil nail benefits. The main cause of nails that flake or shred is moisture imbalance. Nails become either overly dry and flake apart or retain so much water that they simply shred apart when filed. Argan Oil nail care products can help to maintain the right level of moisture within the nail, preventing both issues and repairing nails that have become damaged. Argan Oil nail benefits don't only cover repairing nails that have been damaged, but also protecting nails and cuticles from future damage by infusing them with vitamins and nutrients. You may even decide to skip your artificial nails and show off the long, strong nails thanks to your Argan Oil nail benefits!

Argan Oil Nail Benefits: Cuticle and Skin Care

The most common nail issues men and women face are dry, hard cuticles and calloused skin. This can occur on both feet and hands, creating unsightly, painful nail beds. The look of dry skin on your hands and feet is embarrassing and can detract from your overall beauty. Dryness can occur due to exposure to cleaning products and acetone, nervous habits like biting or picking the cuticle, and from certain kinds of shoes. Argan Oil nail care products can help to alleviate and even eliminate this issue with just a few drops, applied to the area and massaged in for a few minutes. During a nail service, the cuticles are often pushed or even trimmed to create a clean looking nail bed; one of the Argan Oil nail benefits is that it will make your cuticles softer and easier to work with. Much like their effects on dry nails, Argan Oil nail care products will infuse moisture into the skin around your nails and allow healing to occur rapidly. You can even apply Argan Oil nail care products to your hands and feet before bed, then cover with soft gloves or socks for intense overnight treatment . Your soft skin will be protected from future damage, similar to the Argan oil nail benefits.

How to Maximize Argan Oil Nail Benefits

There are a few different techniques and tricks to maximizing your Argan Oil nail benefits. When using your Argan Oil nail care product on cuticles, heels and palms, you will get the best results on clean skin. Argan Oil nail care products are best when applied to clean, bare nails, but offer protection and strengthen nails even after your manicure or pedicure. Healing Argan Oil nail benefits will be most apparent when applied before your service, because nail polish can block the surface of your nail from absorbing the vital essences in Argan Oil nail care products. Applied over a freshly dried coat of polish, Argan Oil nail care products can absorb into the polish, giving it added flexibility and strength to prevent it from chipping. The bottom line is that Argan Oil nail benefits are nearly endless!

Used regularly, Argan Oil nail care products can keep your natural nails looking healthy and flawless. Your cuticles will be soft and the skin of your hands and feet will feel great. Argan Oil nail benefits will amaze you, allowing you to show off longer, stronger, healthier nails.